Industrial cabinets are suitable for storage and stacking in factories, workshops and industrial plants. Welded, robust steel 1,20 mm sheet construction and painted with electrostatic powder paint.

Our Formen cupboard models provide you with comfortable and ergonomic use with alternative models. Optionally, the hanger panel 6720, the top floor 6715 with inclined openable damper, or the flat top floor 6710 may be preferred. It is designed as a drawer or shelf group with 2 separate compartments suitable for different purposes in the same cabin. Silent drawers have a load capacity of 80 kg with a single opening of 98% and all drawers have pre-printed channels. Drawer heights vary with 25mm and multiples, and metal separators are available for all drawer heights. The E standard in drawers is 1E = 17 mm. Multiple drawer combinations are possible. The rails are 2.5mm bearing 6201 zz. The advantage of this model; The middle compartment is to increase the carrying capacity of the shelves and to be used for different purposes due to the different dimensions of the drawers. Shelves with 80kg carrying capacity and adjustable in 25 mm increments. Shelf heights can be adjusted to your requirements and usage. There are anodised aluminum handles with recessed writing ribbon channels with rounded edges and plastic stoppers on the handles.

Inside the cabinet there are 4 vertical rail guide posts. Cabinet doors can be opened 180 degrees and have a cylindrical safety lock with recessed handles and 2 keys. Under the cupboard there is a ball joint with M12 floor and doors are equipped with espagnolette.

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