Project Applications

Founded in Istanbul in 1977, KOÇEL Steel Goods Industry Joint Stock Company has been serving in the steel goods and furniture industry with 46 years of experience. Our company, which entered the sector by producing drawer cabinets, continues to expand its product range every year and produce special products for different sectors.

Machinery industry; It includes the production and repair of transportation furnitures, electrical machines, agricultural equipment, and defense industrial furnitures. The development of the machinery industry proceeds in conjunction with the development of all other manufacturing industries.

The automotive industry is one of the most important economic industrys in the world, encompassing many business lines from the production of furnitures to their marketing. In addition, the automotive industry; It is the most important buyer of industrial branches such as iron-steel, petro -chemistry and rubber and is a pioneer in technological developments.

The textile industry, like the food industry, is one of the industries with the oldest history because it meets the basic needs of human beings. The textile industry covers the process from obtaining fiber to producing yarn and fabric from fiber. Today, the textile industry; In addition to fiber, it is intertwined with business lines such as apparel, geotextiles , industrial fabrics, dye, printing and composites.

Aviation Industry Aviation industry; It includes the entire process from the production to marketing of military aircraft, missiles, commercial aircraft and aircraft used in civil aviation. The product range of the aviation industry is quite wide, as in the machinery industry. Because the vehicles used in aviation require millions of parts. In addition, additional parts are required for the maintenance and repair of these vehicles.

Energy industry; It is known as the industry that meets the energy used in production activities. Energy is needed for any work done. In particular, it works integrated with the machinery industry and automotive industry. Energy is obtained using different methods and techniques for economic purposes. The sources from which energy is obtained are called energy resources.

Food industry; It is the industry where vegetables, fruits, grains and animal nutrients are processed in factories and packaged in different ways. Since food is the most basic need of people, the food industry is the largest and most established industry in the world. The food industry needs the logistics industry to reach consumers.

Logistics industry; It is the industry that undertakes all activities such as transportation, storage, customs clearance, packaging and distribution of a product from the producer to the end consumer. Logistics; It requires providing the right product, at the right time, in the right place, in the right quantity, in the right way, with the best quality at a competitive price. In recent years, the logistics industry has been developing with the development of technology. The logistics industry is among the indispensable auxiliary industrys, especially of the textile and food industries.

Defense industry; It is the industry where the tools and equipment needed by a country in the field of national defense are produced. Therefore, it works integrated with the aviation industry. Every country must be able to protect its borders in order to survive. In order to protect these borders, the necessary defensive equipment must be obtained. The defense industry constitutes a large part of the economy of developing countries. The defense industry plays a very important role for the health and welfare of countries.

Maritime industry; It is a industry with a deep-rooted history that transports people, goods and services. It even forms the basis of the maritime logistics industry. The maritime industry still maintains its importance today. Our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides, shows that the maritime industry has the opportunity to further develop our country.

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