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Fast and Reliable
Export Network to 4 Continents

As Koçel, we provide fast and trouble-free delivery to our customers in 40 different countries of the world with our quality and reliable products. Thanks to our leadership in exports and our wide global network, we meet our customers’ needs on time and optimize their supply chains. If you aim to grow and develop your business, let’s take the first step together!

Sector-Specific Solutions

KOÇEL Çelik is a manufacturing company serving in the steel goods and furniture industry with 46 years of experience. Since its establishment, it has contributed to the development of the Turkish industry and has taken care to produce world-class products. It offers special solutions to many sectors from tourism to automotive, white goods to textile, electronics to education, health to defense with different products such as drawer cabinets, CNC tool cabinets, work tables, tool carts, storage and spare parts shelves.

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We ensure organization, order and efficiency at the maximum level in the production lines of domestic automobiles and the world’s leading brands.

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Defense Industry and Aviation

Quality service that will provide support and time saving to producers.

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Quality service that will provide support and time saving to producers.


Household appliances

We are here for you with modern designs that will make your work easier.


Machinery and Mold Industry

We produce first-class products with expert team and equipment.


Textile Machinery Spare Parts

We produce first-class products with expert team and equipment.

KOÇEL signature in local and national projects...

46 Years of Experience

We serve in the steel goods and furniture industry with our 46 years of experience. We expand our product range every year and produce special products for different sectors. We always prioritize quality and customer satisfaction and produce world-class products.

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Technical support

KOÇEL Çelik is also a pioneer in technical support. Thanks to its experienced technical team that always helps its customers, you can find answers to your questions about the installation and use of the products.
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Ball Joint Foot Adjustable to the Floor

Adjustable screw ball joint foot system according to the ground for smooth operation of drawers on uneven floors.
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EVA sheet inside the drawer

Eva sheet application that prevents the magnetization of metal materials in the drawer and provides sound insulation.
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Plastic spacer application inside the drawer

We ensure ease of use and stocking of small-piece materials in your work environments without mixing with each other. Our 150×150 mm sized plastic boxes are divided into 2 or 4. (150 x 150 mm, 150 x 75 mm, 75 x 75 mm) Dimensions can be provided.
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Channeled plastic sprinkler application

Our plastic sprayers have 3 and 4 channels and prevent all kinds of cutting and abrasive tips from aligning, hitting each other and becoming magnetized. Barcode and labeling can be done thanks to the labels on the front. It allows the placement of materials between 10 mm and 900 mm in length.

Computer Cabinets Suitable for Versatile Use

Koçel computer cabinets are suitable for versatile use with different sizes and locking options. The cabinets have ventilation shutters on the rear surface and a 4-way electrical supply cable. The screen section consists of transparent plexiglass and metal frame.

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