KOÇEL Catalogue

www.kocel.com.tr 179 2 avadanlık kutulu sistemler + Used to keep mounting materials ready at production lines. + The mobile and fixed racks are screw and spare part stands. + The 30x50x2 mm box is profile framework and electrostatic powder dye coated. + The bins can be ordered both sided and used with a higher capacity, whereby the bin sizes are indicated in the images. + The plastic bins of our products are made of high quality polypropylene (PP). LinBins are boxes in different sizes and colour made of polypropylene material and can also be named as storage boxes with open front. Even if the usage purpose of the boxes may vary, these are generally used in order to store assembly materials like screws, nuts and washers. Taking into consideration that we have customers from very different sectors, we have designed linbins able to suit every business and every sector. Beside fixed, unidirectional boxes in different sizes and colours, we have also produced bidirectional, wheeled models and have applied hanger panels to the same model. We wanted that inclined shelves should be able to be used at the same models for assembly materials that would not fit into boxes. Thinking of that pieces could be stored in these boxes, that shouldn't be lost, we have adapted the linbins into cabinets with lockable doors. LIN BIN SYSTEMS